McCraw Corporation has specialized in Dental specific technology so much so that we have developed a dental specific technology standard called IT4Dental.  Realizing that protecting our clients is equally as important as providing solid, reliable technology for our clients allows us to relieve the stress of managing the technology for a practice.  While we focus on the technology components of dental practices, the dentist is free to practice dentistry without worrying about the security or stability of their technology.

The IT4Dental standard encompasses design, installation, support, and management of secure systems for dental and oral health professionals. Protection, however, goes beyond the network.  IT4Dental utilizes HIPAA compliant standards and services to ensure secure storage and transmission of data both inside and outside of your practice.

Integrity goes a long way. At McCraw Corporation, we treat every aspect of your technology platform as though it was our own. Before new investments are considered, we evaluate your existing technology. New dental technology may offer better solutions, but only when it is truly needed and properly implemented.

IT4Dental not only protects your data, but also your profitability. Our team offers superior training and support to your staff so your practice is managed efficiently. Immediate, reliable technical support is available online, by phone and on-site. After hours, on weekends or holidays, we diagnose and remedy any emergency so your office experiences minimal downtime, if at all.

McCraw Corporation provides the highest level of customer service on the market. Whether you are an established practitioner or just starting your practice, we offer friendly, expert service for all your computer systems, business software or multimedia needs.

IT4Dental Practice Management

Our clients tell us we’re better troubleshooting dental software than the actual makers of the applications. That’s because we understand the importance to maximize your time and your office’s efficiency.  We not only supply you with the comprehensive tools to manage your entire practice, we show you how they work for you, and we are here to help when they don’t work properly. Experienced IT4Dental trained technicians are familiar with all of the major practice management systems for both general dentists and for dental specialists.

IT4Dental Secure Remote Access

With our HIPAA-compliant system, you have the flexibility to securely access resources from any type of device or operating system.  Delivering best-in-class remote access that is encrypted and secure gives you piece of mind that your network is accessible, but only to authorized users. For many dental professionals, remote access allows response to patient calls at night and on weekends. Remote access is also useful in allowing your staff to contact patients in the event that your office is closed unexpectedly, for example, due to inclement weather.

IT4Dental Digital Imaging Installations

As part of a comprehensive approach to providing technology that transforms dental practices, we support the integration of digital imaging equipment, including x-ray systems, digital processors and sensors, intra-oral cameras, and digital impression systems, such as dental cone beam CT systems (CBCT). Unlike the manufacturer’s technician, who may treat you as one of many installations and is focused specifically on installing his device, we make sure that your equipment is optimized with the rest of your technology, the data is backed up, and that your staff understands how to use it with the rest of your technology platform. We take ownership so you have one local resource on-call 24x7x365.

IT4Dental Accessories

As your provider for all your hardware and software needs, IT4Dental offers electronic signature pads, high-speed desktop scanners, dental x-ray scanners and credit card processing equipment. These technologies aid dental practices in their efforts to become paperless.