From the lobby to the front office to the treatment rooms, you want an attractive dental office that enhances your ability to practice dentistry and provides comfort for your patients. Technology integration can be used to enhance your patient’s experience and also to spread awareness of available services and oral health issues. A well-informed patient in a relaxing, caring environment leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Audio/Video Systems

Inside your waiting room, IT4Dental can install flat screen televisions, video gaming consoles and surround sound equipment. These technologies provide the comforts of home for those who fear going to the dentist. In treatment rooms, IT4Dental can provide touchscreen computers or tablets for patient education, televisions or monitors on adjustable mounts, and televisions recessed into the ceiling. Our audio systems are customizable to play music from commercial music providers or other source, such as tunes from Pandora Media Inc., Sirius XM Radio Inc. or your playlist on your iPod. Our video systems can be used for both patient education and patient entertainment.

Wiring/Cable Installation

The neatness of your technology installation says a lot about both your practice and your technology partner. For neatness and safety, IT4Dental installations are neat, professional and utilize commercial grade equipment mounts and quality craftsmanship. Wiring is concealed or otherwise managed.